12th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference

Better the devil you know – liability for agents, lawyers, due diligence firms and other intermediaries

As part of the 12th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference, the IBA presented a panel focusing on liability for intermediaries. Under the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and most national implementing legislation, companies can be held liable for bribes paid on their behalf by agents and other intermediaries. In addition, legal and accounting professionals risk personal liability for negligent or complicit advice they might provide to clients involved in corrupt transactions. This session analysed the latest legal developments in this area.

Gonzalo Guzman, Head of Legal Projects, International Bar Association, London

Markus Heyer, Corporate Ethics and Compliance Manager, Panalpina Management Ltd, Basel
Steven Powell, Forensics Executive, ENS Africa, Cape Town
Bill Waite, Risk Advisory Group, London
Justine Walker, Director Financial Crime (Sanctions and Bribery), British Bankers’ Association London
Severin Wirz, Manager, Advisory Services, TRACE International, Annapolis, Maryland