Educational Initiatives


As part of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession, the IBA, the OECD and the UNODC, with the help and support of various academic institutions, are working on a series of anti-corruption educational materials that will be available to law schools, academics and law students.  

The IBA’s October 2010 report Risks and threats of corruption and the legal profession confirmed that a significant proportion of lawyers were unaware not only of international conventions on bribery and corruption, but also conventions that their own countries were party to. These findings reiterate the need for education on these issues, and one of the best ways of doing this is at the commencement of a lawyer’s education in law school.

ACAD, Boston Meeting May 2011


Anti-Corruption Academic Initiative (ACAD) 

ACAD is a collaborative academic project with the OECD and the UNODC to develop a comprehensive set of resources on corruption and corruption-related issues for law schools to incorporate into their legal programmes. The first meeting of the working group for the syllabus took place in Boston at Northeastern University in May 2011 and a second gathering took place in October 2011 in Marrakech, Morocco. There were additional meetings in Vienna (2012), Panama (2013), and again in Vienna (2014). The IBA is working with academics and like-professionals to create a first-class syllabus that law students across the globe can benefit from.

The UNODC-maintained ACAD website can be found here.


ACAD, Boston Meeting May 2011


Other IBA-led Initiatives

Seminar on Corporate and Professional Integrity

The course aims to equip future lawyers with the knowledge and skills to better understand various international and domestic voluntary and regulatory responses to socially responsible investment, professional integrity and compliance. The seminar focuses on how these subjects affect legal professionals working as private practitioners or corporate counsels.

The seminar covers:

  • Lawyers and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Lawyers as Anti-Money Laundering Gatekeepers
  • Anti-Corruption for Legal Professionals
  • Compliance Issues for Legal Professionals
  • A day in a compliance department in an international law firm


Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City – March 2011 and ongoing, annually

Universidad de los Andes, Chile – May 2012 


Lectures and Presentations

Lecture at ITAM Law School on Foreign Bribery, Mexico City, Mexico, 20 October 2010

International Corruption: international instruments and challenges for the legal profession (Corrupción Internacional: instrumentos internacionales y desafíos para la profesión jurídica) Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia 19 November 2010

Anti-Corruption Compliance for Future Legal Professionals, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, 5 & 6 March, 2013