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How Lawyers Can Contribute to New Anti-Corruption Laws

FCPAmericas 27 December 2013

Law firms should be beyond reproach, finds survey

IBA In House Perspective 12 December 2013

En casos de corrupción… ¡Todos somos responsables!

ISTMO Liderazgo con valores

November 2013

Una Estrategia Anti-corrupción para el Ejercicio de la Abogacía

Abogacia Espanola 13 November 2013

Solicitor General Urge Lawyers to Fight Graft

lsk.or.ken 17 September 2013

Who Watches the Watchmen? A Look at Anti-Bribery Risks in the Legal Profession

FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog 9 August 2013

Las vías para no ser cómplices involuntarios en sobornos

Expansion 6 June 2013

La abogacía reclama instrumentos para luchar contra la corrupción 6 June 2013

La OCDE considera que España no es exigente con la
corrupción internacional 6 June 2013

Lawyers criticize the lack of means to combat international fraud and corruption (Spanish) 7 June 2013
Namibia: Lawyers Learn to Spot Corruption At a Mile

All Africa

9 November 2012

Global organisations to hold anti-corruption workshops in Southern Africa

IBA News 29 October 2012
IBA and OECD extend their collaboration IBA News 9 October 2012
The IBA marks Russia’s accession to the OECD Anti-
Bribery Convention with anti-corruption workshop
IBA News 17 April 2012

Risks and Threats of Corruption and the Legal Profession" workshop – Rome, 29 March 2012

Eni News 27 February 2012

Anti-Corruption Workshops: an update February 2012

IBA Enews 24 February 2012

Eni has become supporter of IBA's Anti-Corruption Strategy project 

Eni News 29 November 2011

UNODC works together with legal professionals in tackling corruption

UNODC Indonesia News

19 September 2011
Workshops on Anti-Corruption for legal professionals in Asia

IBA Enews

27 June 2011
Article: 'Nigerian Lawyers can improve TI's Corruption Index'

THISDAY lawyer (Nigeria)

15 March 2011
Anti-Corruption training sessions: a success IBA Enews 23 December 2010
Webcast interview with Mark Pieth, OECD Working Group on Bribery IBA webcast 16 December 2010
Survey Spotlights Corruption in Globalized Legal Profession Compliance Week 09 November 2010
Risks and Threats of Corruption and The Legal Profession: an Interview with the International Bar Association Hukum Online 05 November 2010
Global report on the risks and threats of corruption and the legal profession launched  IBA E-News 27 October 2010
Lawyers hit by corruption and international bribery Law Society Gazette 07 October 2010
Lawyers must tackle corruption Latin Lawyer 05 October 2010
Survey Finds Corruption Tainting Legal Profession Worldwide 05 October  2010
International poll of lawyers shows corruption concerns  The Vancouver Sun 05 October 2010
Study reveals 'legal corruption'  Belfast Telegraph 05 October 2010 
Someone Tell The Lawyers The FCPA Blog 04 October 2010
Survey finds corruption tainting legal profession The Washington Post 04 October 2010
Corruption: New Survey of Legal Professionals on Awareness and Impact of Bribery and Corruption OECD 04 October 2010
Risks and Threats of Corruption and the Legal Profession Survey 2010 Press release 04 October 2010
IBA OECD UNODC Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession: an update IBA E-News 24 September 2010
IBA, OECD and UNODC launch major global survey as part of their Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession  IBA E-News 30 June 2010

'Bargains and the Backlash' by Neil Baker

International Bar News June 2010
IBA launches ‘Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession’ project with OECD and UNODC  IBA E-News 30 April 2010

An anti-corruption strategy for the legal
(Editorial Note from Fernando Pelaez-Pier IBA President)

International Bar News April 2010
IBA launches ‘Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession’ project with OECD and UNODC Press Release 5 April 2010