Malaysia Training


Date: 13th May 2011

Time: 8.45 - 13.00

Local supporter: Malaysian Bar Council

Venue: Malaysian Bar Council, No 15 Leboh Pasar Besar, 50050 Kuala Lumpur

Panel of International speakers address Malaysia delegates

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International Experts

  • Nicola Bonucci - Director of Legal Affairs, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris.
  • Rocco deGrasse - Principal at the Investigative and Integrity Advisory Services, KPMG LL.P, Chicago.
  • Gonzalo Guzmán - Senior Staff Lawyer, IBA, London.

National Experts

  • Mr Ratha Kirushnan - P.Nadaraja & Associates, Kuala Lumpur
  • Mr Kim Chuan Tan -  Head of Forensics (Malaysia), KPMG, Kuala Lumpur

Article: Anti-Corruption Workshop for Legal Professionals (The Malaysian Bar, 24thMay 2011)


Firms in attendance at this workshop:

Abdul Raman Saad & Associates

Adzly & co

Azmi & Associates

Balbir Singh A Associates

Cheah Teh & Su

F.L. Foo & Co 

Jeff Leong Poon & Wong 

Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill 

Logan Sabapathy & Co

Nig Saghir & Ismail

Poh Heng & Co

Raja Darryl & Loh 

Rastam Singa & Co 

S.Tan & Co 

Sahlan & Associates

Shearn Delamore & Co 

Tay Kuan Teck & Sons 

Veera, Rokhsah

Wong Beh & Toh  

Yvette L.Y. Mah  

Zulrafique & Partners








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