The need for Anti-Corruption Compliance Workshops

Many legal professionals remain unaware of the implications that corruption can have on their profession. Lawyers are increasingly exposed to risks, threats and challenges as potential intermediaries for illicit transactions as the international anti-corruption regulatory framework becomes progressively sophisticated. As a result, clients, especially multi-nationals, have begun requiring their external counsel to have a robust internal compliance programme in place before engaging their legal services.

To ensure not only the probity of the legal profession, but also the competitiveness of law firms to secure business from new and existing clients, it is essential that law firms (and individual practitioners) manage their practices as any other business affected by the risks, threats and challenges of corruption, including understanding what sanctions may be imposed for deliberate or inadvertent corruption and corruption-related activities, and implementing adequate compliance programmes to identify, address and resolve potential threats.

The IBA/OECD/UNODC Anti-Corruption Strategy for the Legal Profession (the ‘Strategy’) conducts in-country anti-corruption compliance workshops targeted at private practitioners in order to fulfil this need. These workshops are organised with the support of the local law societies and/or bar associations.

Nicola Bonucci, Director of Legal Affairs, OECD, speaking at a pilot Anti-Corruption  workshop in Chile 7 September 2010

Progress so far 

The IBA is conducting in-country workshops for senior-level private practitioners of those law firms highly involved in business transactions. The pilot workshops took place during the second half of 2010 in five Latin American jurisdictions – Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. In 2011 and 2012 further workshops were held in Asian, South African countries, Latin American and European jurisdictions, and continued in 2013 in Spain, Africa and Southeast Asia. In 2014, workshops took place in Dubai, Uganda, Rwanda, Bolivia and Paraguay.

The agendas of the workshops held to date can be found by selecting the country links below.

International Experts

Trainers include international and local experts from Transparency International, Mayer Brown LL.P, KPMG LL.P, BuckleySandler LL.P, Norton Rose Fulbright, Paul Hastings, Dell, Peters & Peters LL.P, Eni SpA, OECD, UNODC, IBA, the local bar associations, and the national anti-corruption authority, among others. Participation in the workshops is by invitation only. Attendees include senior-level private practitioners of law firms who tend to be regularly involved in business transactions.



Anti-Corruption Compliance Workshops calendar:









Workshops to date:




19 March 2015 




21 & 22 April 2015


Santiago de Chile, Chile


7 September 2010


Buenos Aires, Argentina


9 September 2010


Mexico City, Mexico


20 October 2010


Lima, Peru


16 November 2010


Bogota D.C., Colombia


18 November 2010


The Democratic Republic of Congo


21 January 2011


Jakarta, Indonesia


12 May 2011


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


13 May 2011


Seoul, South Korea


3 June 2011


Tokyo, Japan


6 June 2011


Sao Paulo, Brazil


27 September 2011


Caracas, Venezuela


29 September 2011


Johannesburg, South Africa


15 February 2012


Durban, South Africa


16 February 2012


Istanbul, Turkey


28 March 2012


Rome, Italy


29 March 2012


Moscow, Russia


17 April 2012


Sydney, Australia


13 August 2012 


Cape Town, South Africa


29 October 2012


Windhoek, Namibia


30 October 2012


Panama City, Panama


6 December 2012


Madrid, Spain


6 June 2013


Barcelona, Spain


7 June 2013


Nairobi, Kenya


17 September 2013


Harare, Zimbabwe


19 September 2013


Bangkok, Thailand


31 October 2013


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


1 November  2013


Lagos, Nigeria


11 December 2013


Dubai, UAE


6 March 2014


Kampala, Uganda


24 September 2014


Kigali, Rwanda


25 September 2014


Santa Cruz, Bolivia

5 November 2014 


Asunción, Paraguay

6 November 2014