IBA / ICC Anti-Corruption Conference

Lawyers and the fight against anti-corruption in Latin America: a major challenge

As part of the IBA / ICC Anti-Corruption Conference, anti-corruption experts participated in a session that provided an overview of the status of corruption in Latin America, the effect of corruption in commerce, its impact on domestic and foreign investors, and what can be done by lawyers to challenge corruption in an effective manner.

Session Chair:
Roberto Hernandez-Garcia

Lorena de la Barrera
Teresa Gomez del Campo Anti-Corruption Unit, Secretaria de la Funcion Publica, Mexico City
Gonzalo Guzman-Carrasco, Head of IBA Legal Projects, London
Carlos Hernandez, Coordinator for Global Integrity Project in Mexico, Liaison and Partnership Office for Mexico, UNODC, Mexico City
James M Klotz, Miller Thomson, Toronto; Member, IBA Management Board