OECD Integrity Week 2014

The role of intermediaries in fighting corruption

Organised by the OECD’s CleanGovBiz initiative, the annual Forum on Integrity aimed to advance the conversation on best practices in anti-corruption and integrity-building. The 2014 forum focused on improving co-ordination and co-operation in areas of research, policy and programming. By doing so, governments, non-governmental organisations and civil society may match up with and build upon each other’s strengths in order to more efficiently and effectively progress in the common fight to eliminate corruption and reinforce public trust in all sectors of society.

The IBA participated on a panel discussing the key role played by intermediaries in international business transactions and the fact that this role is susceptible to abuse. The session looked at how intermediaries can tackle corruption and the mechanisms that need to be put in place to ensure integrity in the fulfilment of their functions. 

Mark Pieth, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology, University of Basel, and Former Chair, OECD Working Group on Bribery in International Business 

Gonzalo Guzman, Head of Legal Projects, International Bar Association
Phil Tarling, Executive Committee Member and Former Chairman of the Board, Institute of Internal Auditors, Vice President, Internal Audit Centre of Excellence for Huawei Technologies Ltd.
Claire Daams, Federal Prosecutor, Office of the Attorney General, Switzerland
Viviane Schiavi, Senior Policy Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Anti-Corruption, International Chamber of Commerce